SOAR is a career preparation program helping eligible individuals maximize their potential by launching beyond entry-level employment and into a career.

As SOAR Colleagues, participants will engage a curriculum of carefully designed trainings on professionalism, networking, life skills and more.  Upon successful completion, Colleagues gain access to tuition-free certification training in their selected career pathway.

SOAR Workshops

All SOAR colleagues engage an 8-week curriculum focused on building professional and life skills that prepare them to be successful from Day 1 in their new career.

Breaking Down Barriers to Success

SOAR is designed to eliminate the barriers that typically keep driven and talented individuals from achieving success.  Thus, SOAR provides, when applicable:

  • Stipend to help with living costs
  • Transportation assistance
  • Daycare assistance
  • Expungement services

Industry Certification and End Point Employers

All career pathways offered through SOAR are “high growth” industries with more jobs available than qualified people to fill them.

SOAR partners with “End Point” Employers – companies with available jobs – to design relevant training and identify in-demand certifications.  All of this is done to make SOAR Colleagues the ideal candidates for available career positions.

*Sample Career Pathways Include:

  • Certified Medical Assistant Plus (CMA, PCT, EKG & Phlebotomy certifications included)
  • Dental Assistant
  • Medical/Dental Administrative Assistant
  • Information Technology
  • Auto Technician

*Availability of career pathways is subject to certification training schedules.  All pathways may not be offered at all times.

Interested in enrolling in SOAR? 

Click here to complete the SOAR interest form.

Interested in enrolling in SOAR? 

Click here to complete the SOAR interest form.


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