Kula Urban Farm

Rooted in Community

The Kula Urban Farm was opened on Atkins Avenue in Asbury Park in 2014 as an extension of the Kula Cafe program.  Like the cafe, the farm is a social enterprise providing on site job training, educational programs and free fresh produce to those in need.  Through the Kula Farm Experience program, local residents are offered short-term temporary employment on the farm.

Farm Design

Fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse are grown using hydroponic techniques, allowing us to create a year round high volume growing environment. Outside, raised beds are cultivated during non-winter months.  All of our produce is grown organically. We do not use any pesticides and try to create a biologically rich environment where we recycle and compost all of our waste, including biodegradable waste from the cafe.  The layout of the farm is divided into into three sections:  a commercial growing space in the center, an educational community garden facing Atkins Avenue and a small orchard along the southern border of the property.

Commercial Growing Space

This makes up the main area of the farm and is the source of revenue that sustains operations.  It includes a 20″ by 84″ greenhouse. The produce in the greenhouse is grown using aeroponic and hydroponic techniques to create a year round growing environment. During non-winter months, several 4″ by 8″ raised beds are cultivated, producing an assortment of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs.  The produce grown in this area is sold to local restaurants on a wholesale basis.  Kula Urban Farm wholesale produce is picked and delivered to restaurants on the same day, making it the freshest product available!  If you are a local restaurateur and would like to use fresh picked produce on your menu, contact the farmers at Kula Urban Farm at kulafarm@gmail.com

Educational Community Garden

Found along the Atkins Avenue border of the urban farm is our educational community garden.  The beauty of this garden and its proximity to the street help Kula to engage with community members, as it generates interest in passersby and opens a dialogue about urban farming.  This garden space is used during educational programs like Green Thumbs and is open to community residents.  This section of the farm focuses on sturdy vegetables that can be easily harvested by local residents.  The Community Garden is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the growing season.

The Orchard

The orchard is another area to demonstrate methods to build a just and sustainable food system. Many different fruits and berries are grown in the orchard, including raspberry bushes, blueberries and strawberries.  Like the educational garden, fruit grown in the orchard is available to neighborhood citizens.

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