Community Outreach

Interfaith Neighbors' Community Outreach plays an integral part in offering valuable programs to assist area residents in meeting life's basic necessities. In order to build a stronger relationship, it is important for our communities to know who we are and what we are about.   We do this by working within the communities to build relationships and partnerships.  Our Community Outreach specialist, Diane Shelton, acts as a liaison between the programs offered by Interfaith Neighbors, local community programs and services, and community members.  The agency sits on various community interest committees such as the Alliance for Healthier Asbury Park, the Asbury Park Quality of Life, Greater Asbury Park Community Development Initiative and the Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County. Interfaith Neighbors has learned from its grantors, its philanthropic peers, and many others in the field of community revitalization, the importance of supporting collaborative neighborhood revitalization efforts.   Receiving the valuable input of Westside residents in all planning processes has been ongoing through neighborhood surveys conducted, interviews, and presence at community gatherings and meetings. Commencing in April 2016, youth, adults and community service organizations began successfully coming together to identify community strengths and weaknesses and discussing strategies for the submittal of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation Planning Grant. This collaboration has continued to propel us in strategizing for the development of a Wells Fargo  Regional Foundation Implementation Grant.    

The Interfaith Neighbors Network