SOAR is an intensive long-term program targeting adults (ages 18-40) in the Asbury Park area who currently lack the necessary personal skills and professional training to satisfy emergent labor market demands.

Unlike standard job training programs, SOAR addresses both the necessary personal skill development needed by our participants to become valuable employees as well as the barriers that have inhibited our participants from achieving entry onto a career path.  This long-term investment in our participants seeks to ensure that when they enter the workforce, they can do so with sustained success.   Our program offers individualized assistance to both participants and potential employers through extensive case management and career development services designed to meet specific industry needs.

We prepare workers for very specific career pathways in target industries.   A critical aspect of our program design is to work with area businesses to ensure our participants leave the SOAR program prepared to meet emergent industry needs.   We work with key industry partners to identify the skills, credentials and training they are looking for in future employees.   Through these partnerships, we develop specialized career pipelines to ensure that SOAR participants graduate ready for employment with experiences in direct alignment with workforce demand.  SOAR graduates also benefit from continued mentorship (i.e., Career Coach) and guidance as new opportunities are presented to them along their chosen career path.


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