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Nutrition (Meals on Wheels)

Our program provides a noonday meal for approximately 4,000 senior citizens annually, a total of 400,000 meals per year. The meals are nutritionally well balanced, planned by a registered dietitian who is a member of our staff. They are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 a. m. to 2:00 p. m., excluding holidays. A limited weekend and holiday meal program is provided for the most needy and frail homebound seniors who have no one else to care for them. Those over age sixty are eligible for this program (and a limited number of younger disabled persons).

Our program is funded partially by Monmouth County grants, USDA reimbursement and donations from our meal program participants and generous donors.

Congregate Meals
Sharing a meal is central to a family, but for some of our elderly that is no longer possible and they feel the loneliness and isolation of being alone. In addition, they often do not eat well because of limited income, inability to shop or to prepare meals.

Participation in our congregate meal program can ease the void created when a person lives alone. Our congregate locations throughout Monmouth County provide a warm and inviting social setting. A senior coming in to a center for the first time is embraced by the companionship of peers, and friendships are created that last beyond the time spent at the site. Lives are enhanced by seniors looking after seniors.

Meals on Wheels
For the homebound senior, our meals-on-wheels program provides a vital link to the world. The senior can remain comfortably at home with the dignity of independence and the security of having someone visit once a day with a nutritious meal. The warm smile of one of our wonderful volunteers or caring meals-on-wheels drivers is also very important to them.

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