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Interfaith Neighbors West Side Asbury Park Neighborhood Plan
Interfaith Neighbor’s Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) plan for the redevelopment of the West Side of Asbury Park was approved by DCA in September of 2006. The plan includes some 60 potential initiatives to be completed over a ten year period. Click here for an overview of Interfaith Neighbor’s Plan to revitalize Asbury Park’s West Side.

The Interfaith Neighbor’s plan is divided into five overarching goals:

  • improved housing conditions;
  • economic revitalization;
  • improved community and recreational facilities;
  • improved public spaces and infrastructure;
  • improved social conditions and public safety

After a Neighborhood Plan has been approved, the non-profit sponsoring agency must submit annual project funding applications to DCA. Interfaith Neighbors has submitted their first year project application.

The initial NRTC project undertaken under Interfaith Neighbors West Side plan will include the following initiatives:

  • construction of 7 units of affordable housing
  • expanded recreation programs and facilities
    • Lighting for Little League field
    • Refurbish Boys & Girls Club swimming pool
    • Outfit PAL Boxing Program facility
  • installation of APD monitored security cameras in high crime areas
  • acquisition of site for mixed use project along Springwood Avenue

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