In 2017 we began collecting compost from local residents and businesses that were interested in reducing their waste and have no space to compost on their own. We built a series of compost bins along the rear of the old Turf Club on Atkins Ave. (South of Springwood Ave) where it is easy for folks to pull their car over and dump their bag of compost into our pile. Through word of mouth and local online discussion boards, people have learned about our accessible compost pile.

Food waste makes up nearly 20% of landfills, by composting we are directly participating in the recycling process, sending fewer materials to the dump and creating rich organic matter that can be returned to the soil.

How we compost

We begin by layering fresh green materials (vegetable and fruit scraps) and browns (hay, straw, dried leaves) along with coffee grinds in equal parts. The piles are turned at least once every week. The more you turn the faster the materials break down. In the heat of the summer compost can be ready in less than 1 month.

In 2019 we began taking compost from Juice Basin, dramatically increasing the tonnage of food scraps we process. Other businesses that embrace this environmentally friendly practice include Good Feeling Farms, Pulp, High Voltage, Booskerdoo and NITRO Beverage Co. We highly value and appreciate the effort and conscientiousness that it takes for these businesses and for individuals to compost.

If you are an individual and would like to start bringing your compost to our site please start right away! We welcome everything that is easily compostable: clean fruits and vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds & filters, grass clippings, hay, straw, and leaves.

PLEASE NO yard waste containing weeds or plants that have been treated with pesticides, also no pet waste, meat or dairy. Some single-use products claim to be compostable, however, they can take decennia to break down. No plastics, please! If you are a local business and have any questions you can reach us at or stop by the farm to talk.


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