Kula Cafe

The Kula Café is a workforce development program designed to develop readily transferrable skills for application in the hospitality industry. Since April, 2013, Kula Café has served as a community meeting place in the West Side neighborhood in the early stages of its revitalization where residents and neighbors have the opportunity to support the training program participants while having a good, affordably priced meal. Training and skills development take place in a working eatery located right in Springwood Center. Incorporating both business and entrepreneurial concepts, the program expects to be less reliant on traditional workplace training funding (utilizing profit made in the café) and provides a structured program to “season with hope” the needs of the local unemployed workforce.

The Kula Café Training Program aligns its training with the needs of the burgeoning restaurant and hospitality industry in Asbury Park and surrounding communities. The downtown and oceanfront areas of Asbury Park and other shore communities have experienced profound growth in successful restaurants and retail operations.  Yet, these new businesses experience great difficulty when trying to hire local residents with the requisite skill sets to fill available positions.  Interfaith Neighbors’ concept brings together the needs of the working community with the needs of the business community to reduce unemployment and while creating a new epicurean delight in the form of the Kula Café within the West Side community.

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